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Express Polymers has a recycling partner network nationwide enabling us to recycle your scrap plastics in the most cost effective, and carbon efficient way possible, our partners in the South West, North West, South East and East Midlands have years of experience, capacity and quality control. We recycle most materials including ABS, PA, PC, PP, PPTF, PPGF, EPS, GPPS, HIPS, LDPE, HDPE, POM & PMMA


Express Polymers is the place to come if you have CDs & DVDs to be recycled, with our unparalleled knowledge, technical abilities, and a well established customer base for every grade of material that comes from the recycling of CDs & DVDs, you are guaranteed to receive the best service and solution to your needs.

There are two key types of products that people need recycling; for royalty free charity or ex-consumer stock, we have re-sale and recycling options for you, alternatively if you have product that needs secure destruction we can offer an end to end audit-able and secure solution.

We can also help you at any stage of the process as we buy products in all of the following forms:

  • Full products for re-sale

  • Full products for recycling

  • Empty cases

  • Disks

  • Individually granulated material types - GPPS Clear, GPPS Clear + paper, GPPS Jazz, PP Clear, PP Jazz & PC CD

If you have any CDs & DVDs that you would like to sell  or recycle please get in contact or call 07590 517 101 

In addition to this through our nationwide network of partners we can recycle just about any plastic product that you have available, from automotive parts, and pipes to crates, buckets and drums - whatever your needs please please get in contact or call 07590 517 101

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